Warren Friedman



          What if your life depended on the Chicago Cubs making it to the World Series?Diehard fans have always supported the team, which has not won a World Series since 1908, the longest drought in Major League Baseball, but this year people are dying for the Cubs to win—literally. 
          A serial killer is killing fans when the team loses, leaving them alive when the Cubs win. Either way, the killer leaves a calling card—a Chicago Cubs cap. Can the police, the Cubs, and Major League Baseball stop the Cubs Cap Killer? The case falls into the lap of Detective Slats Grodsky, once Chicago’s top cop but now resurrecting his career after a broken marriage and years of alcohol abuse. Grodsky’s road to redemption is rocky, however. Will his demons, detractors, and blunders keep him from following the killer’s trail? Tension mounts outside and inside Wrigley Field as the team fights to pile up wins—and not corpses



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